Teenagers are some of our favorite people to work with. We enjoy their honesty, sense of humor, and witnessing their developing sense of self. They are at a stage in life in which they are asserting their independence at the same time as still needing the support and guidance of trusted adults, even if they roll their eyes when it is offered. They are learning about navigating relationships, sorting out their identity and values, and can sometimes shift quickly between feeling confident and feeling insecure or unsure of themselves.

We offer teenagers a place where they can speak openly about their experience, learn what healthy relationships look like, expand their communication skills, and work towards creating a life worth living now and in the future.

For some of them, much of the focus is on helping them to do their best to manage difficult situations that they may not have the option the change until they are older.

We also recognize that parenting teenagers can be challenging, so we work hard to balance respect for the confidential therapy relationship with offering consultation for parents and guardians as needed.

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