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It is not uncommon for people to have been through a handful of therapists before they find one that is just the right fit for them. When researchers have looked into what contributes to progress in therapy, they have found that the client-therapist relationship is one of the most important factors. If the relationship is not good, the approach, training, or even years of experience, may not be enough for therapy to be effective.

Most people have already had plenty of people in their lives who have been hard on them. At Birch Haven, we don’t want your therapist to be another one of those people. We want therapy to be a nonjudgmental place where you will find compassion, warmth, humor, and understanding. Those are the things that allow people to be their true selves, to acknowledge where they need to grow, and to be open to letting their therapist challenge and push them in just the right way.

Individual therapy

Individual therapy can help you increase awareness and insight so you can start making changes that will improve your relationship with yourself and the important people in your life.

Couples counseling

Couples therapy can help you increase understanding of yourself and one another so you communicate better, are more likely to feel connected, and can get back to enjoying your life together.


Even under the best of circumstances, adolescence can be a tough transition: managing social pressures and new social roles, relationships, academic expectations and future goals, all while trying to figure out who they will be in the world. This can lead to self-doubt and anxiety, impacting teenagers’ confidence and self-esteem. And that was before Instagram and TikTok. Social media in today’s comparison-absorbed world can stress out even the most secure, confident, and successful teenager. The same social platforms where ideally kids can seek connection, often contribute to feeling alone and isolated.

We specialize in helping teenagers to understand who they are and where they would like to go, while partnering with you in offering support to your teenager. We work with teens to build self-esteem, target anxiety and teach tools for stress management, and to develop ways to communicate that work not only for your teen, but also for your family.

Online Appointments

We offer in office appointments for adults, teens, families, and couples at our Somersworth, NH office.

However, telehealth sessions, offered over a secure video platform, provide a convenient alternative if that better fits your life.

Tips for online therapy

  • Prepare your space. Find a comfortable, private spot and have your water or tea nearby.

  • Click on the link 5-10 minutes before the scheduled time of your session, so you can confirm your video and audio are working.

  • Close all other applications on your computer before your session begins.

  • If you’d like, use headphones to improve your own privacy and reduce background noise.

  • In case of technological challenges, your therapist will try to reach you by phone during your scheduled time.

  • Pets are welcome to join you during your online therapy session! However, just like an office visit, we encourage you to make other arrangements for your children and loved ones so that you may use your session to focus.

Have any questions?

You may also email for a free 10-15 minute phone or video consultation to discuss your concerns, or to hear more about the process of therapy and determine if our services could be a good fit for you.